About Mindpartner

Committed to connecting good employers with good talent

Mind Partner is a North America-based staffing agency providing businesses with comprehensive workforce planning, recruiting solutions, staffing solutions, and retained search services.

As for candidates, we take the time to understand each individual’s unique work goals, talents, skills and preferences while supporting them in fulfilling their employment aspirations.

For clients, we offer a reliable, innovative, collaborative service that works closely together to ensure a productive, energized workforce that generates tangible results.

We welcome all clients and candidates to connect with us and experience Mind Partner.

Vision, Mission, and Values

At Mind Partner, we strive to reach our objectives as a unified team with a unified mission. We are flexible and respond to the changing needs of our clients and the fluctuating market to remain a flourishing, prosperous, and content business.


To empower businesses to achieve their greatest potential through the power of their people.


To empower businesses to achieve their goals by connecting them with the best talent, providing customized staffing solutions and fostering a culture of collaboration and growth.


The key to our success lies in cultivating relationships with outstanding individuals and organizations.

Top-tier Recruits for Your Business with Mind Partner

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